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The Most Efficient Furnace on Earth

The same infrared technology used to discover new planets, detect forgeries of fine art paintings, forecast hurricanes, and stop wildlife poachers now controls your home or office climate, using 41% less energy.

Introducing the world's first Thermal Mass Furnace by Cocoon.

Check out our promo video.


Cocoon is devoted to Affordable Energy Efficiency for Everyone™ and creating Your Path to Energy Independence™!

We're revolutionizing HVAC. We offer the world’s first truly affordable, renewable HVAC products. Our hottest revolution is the world’s first Thermal Mass Furnace.

Our furnace provides reliable, AFFORDABLE, energy efficient climate control surpassing the efficiency of gas and electric furnaces and rivaling the efficiency of geothermal systems at a fraction of the investment.

But we’re not stopping with renewable HVAC. We're creating off-grid power systems, battery back-ups and more. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest revolutions!

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