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Image by Richard T


We offer an impressive collection of specialized products for various industrial processes including heat to dry, powder coated parts, or to temper steel or plastics. Our top-selling products offer you the ability to save money on energy expenses, customizable controls to adapt to your specific manufacturing needs, and monitoring self diagnostics. 

Cleaning and Bacterial Removal

Cleaning and Bacterial Removal with temperature and humidity ensure viruses and bacteria are killed on items in a quicker amount of time. *All items placed within the room must follow items manufacturers "NOT TO EXCEED" Temperature ratings.

Industrial Hot Rooms

Advanced controls to maintain even temperatures with less temperature swing in the room. Your cube will heat evenly within your preset tolerances. 

Dry Rooms

Drying your cannabis, tobacco, or any other agricultural item to your desired temperature and/or humidity set points. 


Maintaining set-points in all rooms are less expensive due to our cutting-edge patent-pending designs.   

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