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Sustainable Energy that’s Affordable, Clean, and Comfortable

Cocoon Revolution | Heating and Cooling System | Energy Efficiency
Partnership with Unico Systems | Small-Duct Central Heating and Air Conditioning | Cocoon Revolution by Thermasi

The wait for affordable, clean energy that isn’t reliant on fossil fuels is over—introducing COCOON’s partnership with the Unico System. Unico is a perfect pairing for Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace. Unico's high-velocity air conditioning system combined with Cocoon’s Thermal Mass Furnace will automatically adjust to maintain comfort levels in the home or office.

Maximization of Comfort and Value

Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace combined with Unico’s airtight, insulated tubing provides zero air leakage and minimal thermal heat loss. With the Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace, homeowners can set their thermostat to the ideal temperature and have it stay at that temperature. Homeowners can say “goodbye” to erratic temperature swings.

The COCOON by Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort while preserving the building and homes’ architectural integrity–Just a few reasons why we love the Unico System so much!

Cocoon Revolution | Partnership with Unico Systems

Energy Efficient Heating

Gas and electricity are the standards for heating and cooling, but they are not as efficient or safe, especially in our day-in-age. Gas can leak carbon monoxide, and old electric furnaces run inefficiently and waste energy. Cocoon uses up to 41% less energy than electric furnaces.

While Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnaces use electricity, they are not an electric furnace. It uses long & medium-wave infrared heat to warm the air and heat exchanger. It's comparable to a giant warm stone that holds heat. The thermal mass releases heat as the Unico System blower gently moves air across the thermal mass through the air ducts and into rooms.

Cocoon Revolution | Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System | St. Clair, MO

Cocoon and Unico Gives Homeowners Peace of Mind

Temperature swings within the home or office are uncomfortable. No one likes having freezing air blast on them for 10min, then kick off and get warm again. Luckily, Cocoon’s new partnership with Unico Systems provides people with consistent temperatures and efficient energy that doesn’t have to rely on fossil fuels. Renewable power systems for the COCOON/Unico will be coming soon!

Draft-Free, Noise-Free, Consistent Temperatures

HVAC systems tend to be noisy when they kick on and loudly blow drafts of hot or cool air at you, making for an uncomfortable situation.

Cocoon | The Evolution of Heating

The Cocoon HVAC systems and the Unico System’s tubing creates pleasant heating and cooling experience. The tubing is quiet and is as efficient as possible thanks to the nylon inner core and insulation that absorbs vibration and sound. The system runs so quietly that people forget they have the air conditioning or the heating on.

Traditional HVAC systems dump cool air into a room, creating warm and cool spots throughout the house. With Cocoon and Unico working together, homes will have draft-free cooling and heating room-to-room that provides a consistent more even comfortable temperature though out the space.

To learn more about how Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnaces and Unico Systems can benefit your home or office building, contact us at to see what we can do for you!


Cocoon is modular in design and fits anywhere. Even places traditional HVAC systems and geothermal systems cannot. Cocoon reduces your reliance on fossil fuels, runs more efficiently, and provides the same level of comfort as gas or propane. It also performs up to 41% more efficiently than a traditional electric furnace. Allen, the mastermind behind it all, lives in St. Clair, Missouri, and he is on a mission to accomplish some very lofty goals with our simple, yet mind-blowing, energy saving technologies!

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