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We’re devoted to 

Affordable Energy Efficiency for Everyone™ and creating Your Path to Energy Independence™!

Hello there! We’re Allen and Jennifer Coggins. We’re from St. Clair, Missouri, and we’re on a mission to accomplish some very lofty goals with our simple, yet mind-blowing, energy saving technologies!

Together we are futurists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. I, Allen, have been in the HVAC and Electrical trades for over 25 years, and have spent my life constantly searching for a “better way” of doing things. My wife, Jennifer, has amazing vision and guides my ideas to help make them a reality for you, and the general public. 

As a first step to Your Path to Energy Independence ™ we’ve revolutionized indoor climate control with our Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace™.

Air Duct

The thermal mass furnace, in 2019 & 2020, earned UL Verification to save up to 41% on energy bills and allowed me to be named HVAC Insider Magazine’s “Inventor of the Year.”

Coccon Green Energy - Path to Energy Ind

After spending a couple decades in the HVAC industry, and living in somewhat rural areas, I knew there had to be a better way to heat my home affordably and safely. Propane is expensive, dangerous, and causes pollution. Electric heat is dry and just not comfortable, and expensive. Natural gas heat, while comfortable and somewhat affordable – is not an option in every home.  


My family home had an older propane furnace and was always cold in the winter. While our family hated being cold, none of us hated it as much as our family dog, Macy. We hated the cold almost as much as we hated wasting money.

We had been supplementing our inefficient furnace with space heaters to try to even out the inevitable cold spots in our home. I remember our kids would take turns getting dressed in the morning in front of our faux fireplace heater, and Macy was always laying by the heater shivering.

Our home could not get access to natural gas, propane was a huge hassle, electric was expensive, and a geothermal system was not an option for our budget, with a price tag in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We were staring down another huge utility bill, thinking “there has to be a better way” when I had, what I now realize to be, a “world-changing” idea. 

At work, I had come across a small infrared heater. I was absolutely enamored with how it worked so efficiently. This “heated up” the beginning of our Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace™. Jennifer knew there had to be more people having issues like we did, and I knew I could come up with a furnace that used infrared heat to warm our home, and others, more efficiently.

I had many, many prototypes. Some far better than others. But we knew I got it right when Macy and our kids stopped hanging out around the faux fireplace.

Fast forward to 2018, we introduced Cocoon to a small piece of the world – the furnace was then called Thermasi. It uses infrared heat, has a thermal mass, and a Customizable Comfortable Efficiency brain.

Cocoon means everything to my wife, our family, and me. It has changed our life and is providing Safe, Comfortable Affordable Energy Efficiency for Everyone™.

With our Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace™ we are achieving natural gas heating comfort and approaching geothermal efficiency at a fraction of the cost, with monumental safety improvements.

This is more than “just a furnace,” it is an incredibly smart technology offering comfortable, customizable efficiency and a first step in Your Path to Energy Independence™.

Our Cocoon Thermal Mass Furnace™ and complete HVAC systems are now globally available for both residential and commercial applications. Cocoon provides reliable, AFFORDABLE, energy efficient climate control surpassing the efficiency of traditional gas and electric furnaces and rivaling the efficiency of geothermal systems at a fraction of the investment.


It’s also the SAFEST HVAC product around. It doesn’t use combustible gas, has no open flames, and doesn’t create carbon monoxide.

Cocoon - the on or off grid HVAC Energy Solution

Cocoon is the first affordable, renewable HVAC product and it has opened Your Path to Energy Independence™. But we’re not stopping with renewable HVAC.

Everyone wants more efficiency in their home. Lower bills and smarter products save money!


With volatile gas prices, and rising incidences of rolling blackouts across the US during storms and peak demand, having a reliable way to power your home off grid when necessary is paramount.

That’s where we’re headed next.

Off grid and grid tied power systems, battery back-ups and more. These Energy Systems or Energy Pods are used with smart devices to help you achieve a net-zero home.

A net-zero home is one that can produce at least as much energy as it uses.


Most traditional products, like solar panels are designed to produce power that you then “sell” to the utility company at a fraction of what they would charge you for it. Just like these products, our systems are great to help off-set your energy bills and to be more green – but our systems also keep you comfortable during power outages and rolling blackouts.


Our systems are designed to capture the energy you create and use it and store it for when you need it; instead of only selling it back to the utility provider. This is GAME CHANGING for achieving a truly net-zero home and starting Your Path to Energy Independence™.

While all our energy independence products are not globally available yet – they will be very soon!


We’re so excited to be able to work so hard to make such an impact for people like you looking to achieve affordable energy efficiency, and we’re so thankful to have found our purpose and do what we love.


Thank you for stopping in to learn more about Cocoon!


Allen and Jennifer Coggins

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