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Cocoon Contractors and Distributors Make


Why Choose to Represent Cocoon?



At Cocoon you’re not one of tens of thousands of dealers or distributors globally. We’re selective in our partnerships. We build partnerships with companies who share our values and our eternal desire to improve indoor climate control.


We try HARDER.

The products you recommend, sell, and install for your customers represent YOUR reputation. We truly understand that. We’ve got your back. As a Cocoon partner you can confidently know you are offering the most revolutionary HVAC system on Earth – backed by a 10-year, industry-leading warranty.


The revolution is here. It is now. We are inspiring a revolution in climate control and improving the way customers experience heating and cooling systems. We created it right here in the USA, and you get to take credit.

We give you BENEFITS.

We offer profit margins the big guys just can’t. We offer you and your team chances to help improve and grow an entire industry and the ability to offer the most efficient comfort system on Earth.

It's tough to research and actually choose to represent a new, revolutionary product.


We don't expect you to just take our word that we’re the Best Heating and Cooling System on Earth.


See what those who were first in line have to say!

Real customers, 

dealers, distributors.

We are very impressed with the service we receive from Allen Coggins and his team at Cocoon. I personally consider it a  luxury to be able to speak to the inventor behind the products we represent. Their ability to customize and modify these systems to meet our needs, offers

a  "next level" competitive advantage. 

Cocoon furnaces, being the only product of its kind with energy savings verified by UL , offers peace of mind to our customers, verifying they are truly making an investment in an energy efficient product. Cocoon furnaces now being available with battery packs and being solar ready, truly makes this a no brainer for those searching for the lowest energy cost heating solution.  

Our techs love the fact that Allen and his team are always continually improving their products based on customer feedback and field level analysis.  Less maintenance , less hassle, a true savings to the end user." 


Stephen Smith

HVAC Specialties - Distributor of Cocoon
Air Duct

It’s easy to apply.

Simply sign up. We’ll call you to talk about the rest.

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