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Cocoon by Thermasi is pleased to announce that we have earned UL Marketing Claim Verification. This means that UL has scientifically and objectively verified our marketing claim that Cocoon uses 41% less electrical energy to produce heat.

You, our customers, now have independent verification of the Cocoon Furnace’s capabilities. This delivering confidence and peace of mind in knowing you are purchasing the best choice in electrical heating in the marketplace.


Use up to 41% less electrical energy to

Product Information: 

Cocoon furnaces are designed to be either new construction installs or as a direct replacement for typical residential furnaces. Cocoon furnaces can also be installed in numerous traditional and non-traditional configurations.


Cocoon Furnace systems use up to 41% less energy than a traditional electric furnace. This claim was verified by UL through their scientific rigorous process, and makes the Cocoon Furnace instantly distinct from traditional furnaces.


Traditional open coil electric heating technology is over 100 years old. Here to disrupt this old technology is Cocoon; utilizing principles of thermal mass, control algorithms, special proprietary design features, modularity, scalability, and efficient energy usage – just to name a few.


As an example, a typical 2,000 square foot home with a traditional conventional electrical furnace, utilizing a 20-25kw heat kit, may show a power consumption of 80 – 100+ amps. In comparison, that same sized home with a Cocoon system would only require 42-45 amps of power to achieve the same amount of heat.


Cocoon Furnaces encompass Mass, Infrared Heat, and Special Design Features that are built within the furnace to capture and create more usable heat with less energy!


Thermal Mass – Once a mass is heated up, it remains heated far longer than traditional open coil heating systems and requires significantly less energy to remain hot.


Infrared Heat – Cocoon’s heating system, features the ability to control the heat energy within the “infrared spectrum” in numerous ways to capture all the heat produced and use it in a more efficient manner.


Special Design Features – The modularity/scalability is possible due to the stack-ability of the heating chambers; one heating chamber is good for up to 1000 square feet in certain scenarios. In some applications unlike conventional electric heating system, the Cocoon furnace can stack one or more heating chambers on the return side of the fan providing more flexibility than conventional systems.. Other considerations for sizing should be accounted for when sizing – such as geolocation, the age of the house, basement height, mechanical footprint, insulation etc. – to determine the number of heating chambers required for the home or space.


Cocoon Furnaces offer customizable efficiency to accommodate any climate and heating requirements.


* This information was provided by Thermasi LLC and may contain additional information outside the scope of this Claim Verification.


Applicable To:
THRMS-1-2000-S/R-P8, THRMS-1-2000-S-P8, THRMS-1-2000-R-P8, THRMS-01-1000-S-P4, THRMS-01-1000-R-P4, THRMS-01-3000-S-P12, THRMS-01-3000-R-P12, THRMS-01-4000-S-P16, THRMS-01-4000-R-P16, THRMS-01-2000-R-P16, THRMS-01-3000-R-P32, THRMS-01-4000-R-P32, THRMS-01-5000-R-P48, THRMS-01-7500-R-P64, THRMS-01-10000-R-P96 


Marketing Claim Verified by UL
Uses up to 41% less electrical energy to produce heat


Verification Method
The client’s unit and two comparison units were run for a total of one hour of run time for each test. The one hour time included the call for heat and the blower off delay. All tests were performed in the same lab under similar ambient conditions. During each test air flow rate, inlet and outlet air temperatures, and power usage were recorded. The same size outlet air duct was used on all units. A thermocouple grid was used in the outlet air duct to get an average outlet air temperature. Airflow measurements were taken in the center of the outlet air duct at four equal times during the test to get an average. After the test and data recording was completed the airflow and temperature rise of each unit was used to calculate the amount of warm air produced. The power usage results for equal air flow and heat rise were compared among the three units.


About the Manufacturer
Thermasi, LLC has built a rich tradition of invention, innovation, service and exceptional quality in the heating category since our founding. Our focus has always been to partner with our customers to solve the challenges they face in heating their operation and homes with customizable energy efficient equipment.

Today that commitment is evident by being strategically posed for the future as one of the premiere Energy Efficient Furnace manufactures.


We continue to build on our legacy by providing inventive, and innovative, high-performance solutions that solve your customers’ heating problems and improve the efficiency of their heating systems.


What is UL Verification?
UL Verification is an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. Our independent assessment process scrutinizes the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, giving you a way to separate verified fact from fiction.